8X8X8 = 512: Transforming Channel Marketing into Channel Storytelling

Date: September 27, 2023
Author: Steven Kellam

Numbers have a unique way of telling complex stories in a concise and impactful manner. In the world of channel marketing, the equation 8x8x8 has been synonymous with a significant challenge: creating 512 pieces of content. Traditionally, this task involved sending out 8 emails, each tailored to 8 different verticals, and translated into 8 languages. The result? A staggering 512 variations of content.

In the pre-AI era, accomplishing this feat took anywhere from six weeks to six months. By the time the content was ready, market dynamics and product offerings often changed, rendering the efforts less effective. Alternatively, companies had to allocate substantial budgets to agencies to get the job done promptly.

Today, with the rapid pace of digital transformation and the pressure to drive partner-led revenue, things have had to change. Enter Generative AI.

Generative AI alone isn’t a magic wand. Partners can use tools like ChatGPT, but without proper training and, more importantly, AI tools that understand the channel context, partners might end up with inaccurate information. They may spend more time validating content than actually utilizing it effectively.

The Challenge:

The conventional approach to creating “channelized” content is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Personalizing content increases the complexity and time required exponentially. As illustrated by the 8x8x8 = 512 example, creating personalized content in a timely manner seems nearly impossible. This challenge affects partners at every level.

  • Long tail partners (over 600,000) struggle with marketing, let alone creating personalized content that tells their unique story. This lack of resources makes it nearly impossible to produce targeted content of any kind.
  • Large partners, responsible for the majority of business, often prefer not to use vendor-provided content. They have their systems and unique narratives. While they’d like to leverage vendor content, they don’t want to sound like “cookie-cutter” partners.
  • Focus Partners, a group with resources, but face the dilemma of being pulled in various directions. They should be focusing on strategic messaging, not content engineering or quality assurance.
The Solution:

The channel urgently requires products such as ChannelGPT by StructuredWeb to create customized and personalized content quickly and accurately. ChannelGPT is a groundbreaking solution, representing the first “just-in-time” channel marketing content system capable of crafting sales and marketing materials specifically for channel partner networks.

In this streamlined process, vendors begin by uploading their resources to the system. Subsequently, ChannelGPT generates sales and marketing assets, which are then reviewed and approved by the vendors. The system offers options for localization and customization to ensure that the content is precisely tailored to the partners’ needs. By delivering the right content to the right partners at the right time, ChannelGPT effectively addresses the urgent needs of the channel for personalized content creation

Value Added:

While this process sounds straightforward, the key is to provide value to partners, making it worth their time and engagement. ChannelGPT does exactly that by:

  • Speeding up the content creation process from weeks to days.
  • Saving thousands of dollars per campaign for vendors.
  • Reacting swiftly to market needs for both vendors and partners.
  • Empowering partners to become better storytellers.

This empowerment is the true value add, and it’s what will engage partners, reshape their behavior, enhance the quality of channel marketing, generate more leads, and ultimately boost partner-led revenue growth. In a world where numbers can tell a story, 8x8x8 may now equal success for channel marketers with the assistance of ChannelGPT.