AI Is Here To Stay: The Channel Should Embrace It

Date: March 20, 2024
Author: Christopher Spann

Crossing the “chasm” from skepticism to fully experiencing the real power of AI marks a critical shift for companies, their teams and their overall operations. This journey is more than just an AI integration into current workflows; it’s about embracing innovative solutions that are truly transformational.

Many professionals across different sectors are just starting to grasp the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence (AI), with a considerable number still finding it baffling. The level of familiarity and comfort with AI among business leaders varies significantly. Currently, the business world is in the initial phases of embracing AI, marked by a distinct discrepancy between our aspirations for AI and its practical application. Discussions about AI are ubiquitous, as businesses progressively explore its potential and make significant investments. However, realizing the true value of AI comes from effectively leveraging it, at which point it becomes clear that there’s no going back.

ChatGPT has emerged as one of the first public-facing applications of AI in both consumer and business domains, marking a significant milestone in the practical use of artificial intelligence. Its impact on business functions has been profound, revolutionizing the way companies engage with customers, automate responses, and generate content. By providing instant, intelligent, and scalable conversations, ChatGPT has enhanced customer service, marketing, and even internal communications, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and to offer a more personalized experience to their customers. This breakthrough application of AI has not only demonstrated the tangible benefits of AI technology in the real world but also set the stage for further innovations across all industry verticals, including channel sales.

It’s Easier to Edit than Start from Scratch

For all of its positive breakthroughs, ChatGPT is far from perfect and needs a lot of human hand-holding. From college essays to critical court documents, people have carelessly trusted the outputs of ChatGPT (and have had to suffer the consequences for it). Taking this generative AI’s output at face value isn’t the best approach. However, effectively and strategically using this tool can be a valuable asset, but requires understanding how to prompt for the most accurate response and sifting through the embellishments and generalizations to create content that is authentic, accurate and interesting. One of the most valuable lessons AI has taught me is that “It’s easier to edit than to start from scratch.” This perspective encourages starting with a simple outline, refining from there, rather than striving for perfection from the outset.

Five Tasks Done with AI that I Can’t Come Back From

Demand Generation
Utilizing AI in demand gen campaigns has removed the stress of creating multiple emails, landing pages, and social posts to name a few. The ability to generate all of these assets at once, saves a tremendous amount of time. This time is now well spent on crafting the message and story we want to convey.

Sales Enablement
With AI trained on all of StructuredWeb’s content, creating sales materials can be as simple as creating the right prompt.

Video Scripting
AI is an excellent assistant when developing marketing and promotional videos. Not only will assist with developing the script copy, AI will provide suggested visuals to support the script. This creates a collaborative experience.

Organization of Information
Asking AI to provide a summary of content provided is the first step. This is exceptionally powerful with transcripts. Taking it one step further, AI can help identify key discussion points, suggestions for following up and even recognizing when a speaker is hesitant in a conversation.

AI is an amazing tool to bounce around ideas. Using AI in a conversational tone and asking questions can produce concepts that might not have come to mind. By having AI ask you questions based on the conversation, it can force you to dig into an idea and open a new perspective.

The Point of No Return

As businesses become more acquainted with GenAI tools, the initial skepticism is gradually replaced by a clear realization: it’s not a question of if AI will become essential to business operations, but when.

AI represents more than just a technological upgrade; it introduces a profound shift in our approach to work, innovation, and competitiveness. There’s a learning curve not just in using AI, but in knowing when and how to seamlessly integrate it into everyday workflows.. Once organizations experience the benefits, there’s no going back.

This is a call to action: to explore, innovate, and take the lead in an era where embracing AI signifies the next era of technological innovation.. At this critical juncture, hesitating to adopt AI doesn’t just mean you’re missing out on potential efficiencies, but it could risk obsolescence. The future will favor those who see AI as an indispensable part of success.