One size does not fit all

Build a winning partner strategy with a versatile channel marketing automation solution

To help maximize partner adoption, StructuredWeb offers multiple partner engagement experiences — from providing fully-managed, customized, multi-touch campaigns for strategic partners to equipping smaller partners with more automated, ready-made campaigns.

Platform StrucutredWeb Super Charged
Self-Serve Portal

Self-Serve Portal

A fully-customizable UI that provides do-it-yourself (DIY) marketing and sales automation to generate demand, nurture leads and close opportunities.

Typically for

All partner types

Agency Marketplace

Agency Marketplace

An integrated and fully branded marketplace of approved full-service agencies for partners to purchase marketing and advertising services.

Typically for

High-potential and strategic partners

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Concierge

An integrated module that standardizes high-touch programs and workflows to recruit, onboard, project/task manage and execute for high-value partners.

Typically for

Strategic partners

Deliver a unique partner experience that’s aligned with your brand, adaptable to partner segments and stacked with flexible features to help maximize adoption and engagement.

Partner Portal

Fully-customizable partner experience that streamlines all aspects of channel marketing and sales activities.

Admin Portal

Fully-configurable and user-friendly UI to self-manage and maintain the partner experience.

Partner Portal

Deliver a unique channel partner experience that’s aligned with your brand and adaptable to partner profiles to help maximize adoption and engagement.

Design Brand the partner experience including logo, font, color scheme, navigation menu, page layout, new pages, login page, domain and more.

Content organization Group content assets into preferred categories (i.e. campaigns, playbooks) with custom layout and campaign mapping.

Content library Control how partners can find specific content assets by your defined filters or keyword search in the master content library.

Custom AI-enabled workflows Extend the platform business logic to create and automate new tasks and processes.

Communication Customize and brand to-partner communications and systems alerts based on your brand, color scheme and domain.

Personalization Control page and content access or serve tailored content based on partner criteria including partner type, user role, region and more.

Single sign-on (SSO) Streamline partner login by enabling single sign-on with authentication apps including Azure Active Directory, Okta and more.

GLOBALIZATION UI supports 19 available languages while content assets support 50+ available languages.

Provide partners with ready-made, co-brandable, multi-touch campaigns complete with marketing automation tools to build awareness and generate demand.

Multi-touch campaigns Make it simple for partners to launch effective campaigns with editable, ready-made formats that can be automated.

Marketing tools Robust capabilities to help partners promote and generate awareness through email, events, webinars, telemarketing and more.

Digital advertising Allow partners to connect and centralize their Google Ads account to simplify management and drive more demand.

Destination pages Make it easy to edit and launch relevant, ready-made web pages to drive traffic and capture leads from partner marketing activities.

Content syndication Enable partners to easily republish and reshare your content to gain a broader audience, from social media to website, product catalog, webinars and videos.

Customizable assets Provide partners with ready-made and editable assets that can automatically be co-branded with partner details.

Contact management Upload, organize, segment and maintain contact lists to ensure partners can send communication that’s targeted and personalized.

Accelerate partners’ pipeline and speed the close with targeted functionality that educates sales teams and supports them throughout the sales cycle with customizable content and digital tools.

Enablement library Design and create a single repository for partners to find and leverage enablement assets to learn and present the offering.

Customizable enablement Create editable enablement assets to help the partners’ sales teams present the offering and close opportunities.

Lead management Enable partners to configure and manage the lead flow process through rule-based lead scoring and nurturing while providing pipeline visibility and improving conversion.

Opportunity management Provides the infrastructure to allow partners to manage opportunities throughout each stage, from prospect to win.

Define and customize dashboards and reports to provide partners with insights into their campaigns and tactics to help them improve and optimize performance.

Dashboards Design and configure dashboards that provide partners with actionable, at-a-glance views of their marketing and sales performance.

Standard reports Select and enable self-service standard reports that can be downloaded in multiple formats for deeper analysis.

Custom reports Allow partners to customize reports based on the data applicable to the marketing and sales program

Tableau analytics Securely integrated with the most popular analytics tool in the market today to provide flexibility and extensibility of the data.

Partners have access to a variety of valuable training and resources in multiple formats with world-class customer support available 24/5.

Live support Allow partners to request and receive real-time communications with StructuredWeb tech support personnel.

Online support Available 24/7 with educational tutorial videos, on-demand webinar series and online chat.

Training Variety of portal training options for channel partners and agencies including live walk-throughs, on-demand tutorials and archived webinars.

Digital Boot Camp (new) Offer free educational courses to train partners on how to be better digital marketers through our partnership with Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Admin Portal

Configurable and user-friendly interface to establish and maintain an intuitive partner experience that can be personalized by several partner criteria.

Self service Reduce your total cost of ownership and gain agility by managing any aspect of the platform.

Access management Define admin access rights to system functionality, content management, partner management and more using the group permission settings.

Communication Customize and brand system alerts and to-partner emails based on your brand, color scheme and domain.

Template-based CMS Manage content using a dynamic, template-based system with attributes to enable automatic publishing and removals based on user profile, territory, language and more.

GLOBALIZATION Easily translate the UI in 19 available languages natively including US/UK English, Chinese Simplified/Traditional, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and more.

Highly customized content rendering Set your own content layout with CMS JSON objects, HTML and CSS and create any layout, grids, sorting, filtering and more.

Easily create, upload and manage all content assets in numerous formats from a single location and easily translate into 50+ languages with a click of a button.

Self-service templates Reduce total cost of ownership by easily creating, editing, uploading and managing the content.

Point-and-click feature Scalable campaign and content production setup process using advanced point-and-click editor tools and templates.

Adobe InDesign integration Create content asset templates using the leading design tool, making it easier to upload existing marketing assets.

Simple table interface Content elements are neatly organized in a simple, easy-to-use tabular design.

One-click translation Integrated with Google Translate for fast translation into 50+ languages, including double byte characters. (Integration with third-party agencies like SDL and Lionbridge translation services available.)

Master asset repository Rule-based publishing enables assets to be created/uploaded/stored once and published to select regions, countries, partners and/or other criteria.

Easily configure and control access to specific features, pages, campaigns, content assets and more based on partner and user criteria including regions, countries, roles and more.

Role types Define and manage partner access through custom roles (e.g. sales, marketing, technical) or by region, country, language or more.

Content Ensure that partners only have access to campaigns and content that are relevant by tagging both partner and campaign/content with customizable attributes.

Database sync Connect your PRM or CRM to synchronously manage and maintain active partners to control access.

Sync StructuredWeb to your preferred systems and applications with our standard APIs to synchronously exchange data.

CRM/PRM Integrate with leading CRM and PRM systems including Salesforce to streamline data and create a seamless partner experience.

SSO login Simplify and streamline partner access by enabling single sign-on (SSO) with authentication apps including Azure Active Directory, Okta and more.

Content integration Leverage our APIs to feature marketing campaigns and content assets directly into your existing marketplace and websites.

Gain visibility and insights across your channel marketing and sales activities from content adoption, partner engagement, campaign execution, campaign ROI and more.

Multi-level reports Evaluate performance from standard and custom reports at several levels - reseller, vendor, distribution partners, vendor regions and global.

Custom dashboards Design dashboards at multiple levels (partner, vendor, distribution partners, region and global) using a proven analytics tool.

Google Analytics Embed Google Analytics code to track a single or several partner portals distinguished by language, country, region and more.

Portal analytics Track and measure partner activity from login to assets view, downloads and execution.

Tableau integration Create your own high quality reports with a leading analytics tool, and securely integrate data from other sources including Salesforce.

StructuredWeb provides customers and partners with industry-leading, always-on support and training resources every step of the way, when you need them.

Live support Request and receive real-time communications with live technical support available in English and Spanish at no extra cost

Online support Available 24/5 with educational tutorial videos, on-demand webinar series and online chat.

Training Includes on-site and web-based for internal personnel and partners (customized to meet the customers’ specific needs).

Consultation Gain advice, tips and best practices from our experienced team of channel marketing advisors at any time.

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