Turn Social Media Into A Lead Generation Tool For Your Channel

The impact of social media is significant- 84% of B2B executives rely on social platforms to research solutions and make informed purchase decisions. With stats like these, its clear why social media is an essential part of an integrated channel marketing strategy. But your channel partners aren't marketing experts and they are busy, so waiting for them to engage end customers through social media isn't always an effective strategy. By syndicating social content to partners, you empower them with an easy way to grow their brand and connect with more customers, while driving awareness of your solutions. 


StructuredWeb Social Syndication Can Help

Manage all your partners' LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with one user-friendly dashboard.

Keep each partner’s social media updated with your latest posts. No need to remind or wait on anyone else.

Track performance across partners to identify the most effective content.


StructuredWeb's Social Syndication creates one consolidated platform to leverage all of your partners' local connections through multiple social media channels and provide partners with content relevant to their customers. Simply create and categorize a post, choose a date and time for distribution and then automatically execute it across partners’ LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Capture demand from social channels with partner-branded landing pages and track performance across partners to identify the most effective content. StructuredWeb makes it simple for you to expand your partner marketing mix to include social marketing.

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