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Channel marketing automation
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Today’s channel marketer faces the challenge of creating ongoing multi-touch marketing campaigns that drive demand and that produce a measurable ROI. From monitoring partner performance, to creating assets, to generating quality leads, channel marketing can be a time consuming and disjointed process. This process can be simpler and can be easier to manage and scale with the right channel marketing automation software. A channel marketing software can help you create marketing assets that can be easily co-branded by your channel partners, and can enable you to share your assets with the partners, giving them an easy way to market to their prospects and customers.


SiriusDecisions, a leading B2B sales and marketing consulting and research company, published over the past few months separate vendor profile reports evaluating different channel marketing solutions providers including StructuredWeb. Among all vendors profiled by SiriusDecisions, StructuredWeb received the highest ranking of any other vendor profiled on Functionality, Features and Vision. This reports confirms StructuredWeb’s leadership among channel marketing software companies. Download your free copy and contact us for more information.


The Business Challenge

Marketing has become more complicated, and it is more challenging than ever to generate quality leads for your partners. Channel marketers need a scalable, automated, and simplified method to create marketing assets and to facilitate marketing among its partners.


The Solution: StructuredWeb’s Cloud-Based Channel Marketing Platform

Now channel marketers have the tools to manage their partners' performance, aggregate their channel data, and drive scalable and repeatable ROI through their channel marketing programs.


With StructuredWeb’s Channel Marketing Platform, channel marketers can:

  • Increase partner participation, reach more customers and scale their ability to automate marketing programs for 10's, 100's, 1000's of channel partners
  • Empower channel partners with over 15 integrated marketing tools - all from one platform in the cloud.
  • Measure marketing performance in real time and track which assets, partners, and campaigns are getting results.
  • Leverage campaign results all channel partners at the same time to analyze market trends from a larger set of data to more quickly discover opportunities and patterns.
  • Deploy results-driven programs, reduce bottlenecks and replace disjointed systems with one fully integrated channel marketing platform


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