Case study

StructuredWeb helps AFV realize its channel marketing vision, increasing engagement rates by 75%

A Fluent Vision (AFV) provides innovative managed marketing services to channel organizations in the IT industry. The agency specializes in sales enablement solutions that increase pipeline and revenue for manufacturers, distributors, and resellers.

AFV StrucutredWeb
Company A Fluent Vision LLC
Headquarters Roseland, NJ
Partners 500
Countries 1
Customer since 2012

As a pioneer of the virtual partner marketing manager (VPMM) concept, AFV has the vision, strategy, and expertise to create engaging channel programs for their clients, but lacked the technology platform to manage and optimize these programs in a complex channel landscape.

“StructuredWeb is the only platform designed to support the two-tiered distribution model we see in the IT channel space. The technology gave us the flexibility and scalability we were looking for to manage and execute multi-tiered channel programs. Further, the platform allows us to create fully-customized and integrated campaigns for top tier partners, while at the same time providing smaller partners with more scalable, ready-made campaigns.”

Randy Sasaki, Partner

AFV StrucutredWeb

StructuredWeb provides personalized partner portals, automatic co-branding, content translation, customizable assets, and 15+ integrated marketing tactics that provide AFV with the flexibility to provide each partner with the marketing support they need.

  • Personalized partner portals
  • Comprehensive partner engagement tools
  • Channel analytics
  • Closed-loop reporting

A Fluent Vision (AFV) uses StructuredWeb as a launchpad to realize its vision of personalized partner portals that engage and retain customers.

  • Partner engagement rates rose to over of 75%
  • Increased coverage capacity of VPMMs to partners by 600%
  • Direct increase in customer loyalty
  • Accelerated speed and precision drive consistent growth & revenue

“We needed to be able to capture detailed metrics on campaign performance for a variety of stakeholders — manufacturers, distributors, partners and VPMMs. We couldn’t find this in any other channel marketing platform.”

Randy Sasaki, Partner