Case study

With StructuredWeb, Nuvias provides channel partners with solutions, not simply products

The Nuvias Group is the fast-growing European next generation technology distributor, offering a broad range of innovative products and services designed to secure customer success and accelerate partner and vendor growth.

Platform StrucutredWeb
Company Nuvias
Headquarters United Kingdom
Partners 5,000
Countries 20

While Nuvias is well-known for the consistently high levels of support it provides its channel partners, the process of obtaining, adapting and supplying resellers with relevant vendor content and ready-made campaigns was manual and time-consuming. The company had tried two other channel marketing automation platforms, but both fell short of providing the desired functionality.

“The technology provided through the StructuredWeb platform takes through channel marketing to a whole new level and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved for IT security resellers and vendors.”

Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director

AFV StrucutredWeb

Through StructuredWeb, Nuvias created a partner enablement portal. With advanced marketing automation technology, a library of rich content, and over 15 integrated channel marketing tactics including: webinar syndication, social media syndication and syndicated microsites, closed loop reporting and a real-time channel analytics dashboard.

  • Customizable partner portal
  • Channel marketing automation
  • Integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Channel reporting and analytics

StructuredWeb enables Nuvias to build and grow a consistent brand, build rich content and provide stellar support to its partners and vendors.

  • Received 4 industry award nominations
  • Streamlined workflows and interfaces for partners
  • Automated functionality speeds marketing execution
  • Unified brand messaging ensures consistency

“We have ambitious goals for our channel marketing activities and explored two other automation platforms attempting to bring all our initiatives under one roof. However, until StructuredWeb, nothing else came close.”

Barry Mattacott, Marketing Director