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Episode 10 with Meaghan Sullivan-Moore

Channel Success 2023: Keeping Your Head and Your Heart in the Game

Over the past three years, the tech industry has faced numerous challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues. However, the recent wave of layoffs and cutbacks has been particularly disruptive, leading to a reevaluation of priorities and a need to achieve more with fewer resources. As a result, many channel marketers are experiencing a great deal of stress and angst. While automation and efficiency can certainly help alleviate some of the pressure, it is essential to prioritize the people who are responsible for channel strategies, execution, and programs. In a recent podcast, Meaghan Sullivan from SAP shared her insights on how to keep your head and your heart in the game during times of upheaval. Listen in as Meaghan talks candidly about how to support yourself and others, and keep moving forward, both professionally and personally.

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